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The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer capable of teaching big ideas in computer science

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Since its inception in 2011, The Technology Hub and its services have been dedicated to promoting creative and innovative use of digital technologies through experimentation, exploration and discovery. Understanding what goes on ‘under the hood’ of a computer is both empowering and enlightening – through the demystification of technology children become pro-active creators, instead of passive users and consumers.

There are exciting times ahead for Aotearoa as every child in New Zealand will be learning this essential subject area in school from 2020. It started in 2017 with the Strengthening Digital Technologies Project and now the national Digital Readiness Programme is gearing up to support over 40,000 kaiako to teach it in their schools.

It is important to realise that all the bells and whistles in the world of cool robotics and development kits will not make a difference if the quality of teaching and learning programmes, coupled with regular opportunities to experience authentic contexts is absent. We understand this and specialise in utilising low budget platforms for teaching this subject, paired with seriously high-tech ideas and open source applications that encourage reflection, collaboration and problem solving. Sustainability is key and we are keen to nurture grass-roots innovation as we see that as the gateway to effective and long-lasting change.

Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko is about teaching our tamariki and children how technology works, and how they can use that knowledge to solve problems. 

Once this new curriculum is introduced, our kids won’t just be using devices like computers and smart phones. The changed curriculum will mean that schools will be teaching our young people the computer science principles that all digital technologies are built on. Students will find out about how computers work – understanding what makes ‘algorithms’ and ‘binary code’.

Our young people will benefit from having these future thinking skills.

Ministry of Education

What Business and Industry Leaders Need to Know

To find out more about the new Digital Technologies Learning Area click here for an information flyer from the Ministry of Education.

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We would like to extend an open invitation to share your story of how you use technology in your business or industry. Have you come up with your own innovations? Does your industry still have problems yet to be solved? Could new technologies be the key to finding solutions? We would love to hear from you and put together some real-world case studies to enthuse and inspire our Academy kids. If you have a great story to share, please complete the form below and get in touch.