When young people are given opportunities to be creative with new technologies the value can be immense. DT Kids Academy supports and encourages young people to explore new technologies in unique and exciting ways, in a safe, challenging learning environment.

Here’s why we believe your child will flourish if they attend DT Kids Academy..

Learners at the centre

Children are encouraged to explore their own passions and interests and to discover tech through creative play.


Social not solitary

Our programmes offer multiple opportunities to collaborate and make new friends with people who share similar interests – two heads are often better than one, especially when it comes to debugging code!

DT Kids playing together

Minecraft Coding

A head start in the new Digital Technologies learning area

Our lead facilitator is a Digital Technologies teacher with 18+ years classroom experience. This subject is now part of compulsory school curricular in the UK, Australia AND New Zealand. Young people who participate in our programmes are getting a head start in this new subject area.

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DT Kids Academy Timetable: Term 1 2020

We are excited to be offering a second after-school session on Thursdays. Now there are even more opportunities to play and explore this exciting learning area!

We run a combined programme on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so your child can explore any combination of activities listed below.

To keep things simple we now offer all activities for the base fee of $25 per session plus a standard materials fee of $30 per term or $15 per 5 week block. Our Casual rate is now $30 per session.

Sessions run TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 3.30pm - 5pm.



Curriculum Links

Introduction to Programming. Beginner's Coding Class for ages 9+Learn the fundamentals of computer programming by creating animations, music, stories and games using Scratch and Python programming languages. Arts, Technology, Computer Science, Computational Thinking, Maths.
Raspberry Pi Computing for ages 12+Learn all about the tiny credit card sized computer that is capable of teaching BIG in ideas! You will learn about programming, electronics and circuits and how to create your very own real-world projects.
Yes, and there's even Minecraft!
Technology, Computer Science, Maths, Engineering.
3D Modelling & Printing. Suitable for ages 9+Create 3D models with code using BlocksCAD 3D, then print them and take them home!Supports Maths Strands: Geometry, Position and Orientation; Technology, Engineering, Arts, Computer Science.

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