Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions form part of our registration and enrolment process. By signing up to our learning programmes you are agreeing to these Terms.


We take Health and Safety very seriously. Our programme facilitator, Ginette Van Praag, is a fully registered Teacher and is police vetted. Participation in learning programmes offered by The Technology Hub Ltd as part of the DT Kids Academy includes unsupervised access to the Internet and access to a range of computing and electrical equipment and components, as well as craft materials including potentially hazardous items such as batteries, craft knives, scissors, etc. The Technology Hub Ltd endeavours to carefully manage the safety and prevention of potential hazards within its premises.

Child Registrations

We ask that you read this policy with your child(ren) carefully to ensure that they understand that it is essential that they carefully follow given instructions in the use of these resources and that they take due care and diligence in their use, during DT Kids Academy sessions. Participants (or their parent / caregiver) will be financially responsible for any wilful damages incurred during a DT Kids Academy Programme, and will be invoiced accordingly.

Breach of these Terms will terminate any existing contract with us without refund. By agreeing to these Terms of Use you and / or your child(ren) are also agreeing to abide by its conditions.

Internet Use and Misuse

It is agreed that by using the internet services provided by The Technology Hub Ltd you / or your child(ren) will not misuse the service, whether accessed on their own device, or one provided by The Technology Hub Ltd and that the following activities are strictly prohibited at any time, and may be reported to NZ Police if necessary:

Cyber Bullying
Online shopping or purchasing
Visiting or searching for Adult themed websites, including games, music, software and videos
Hacking or malicious intent
Design, distribution and marketing of malicious software
Downloading or streaming content not in the learning programme

Any other activity which may be considered a breach of the Privacy Act and/or Internet Laws of New Zealand, including international agreements of which New Zealand is a member. For more information see here: https://internetnz.nz/policy. Please also be aware that some activity may also be considered a crime. See here for more: http://www.police.govt.nz/advice/email-and-internet-safety/electronic-crime

As part of our learning programme, DT Kids Academy will encourage all participants to be ‘Cybersafe’ and to be aware of what to do in the event of an incident.

Provision of Project Materials included in the Materials Fee

The following materials are included in the Materials Fee or shall be provided at no additional cost for weekly casual attendees paying the $35pp fee. Please note that this is at the sole discretion of The Technology Hub Ltd and its facilitators who will make the final decision regarding fitness for purpose and reasonable use for the purpose of project creation and development. Additional materials are available for purchase. Please discuss with your facilitator.

Materials included in the Materials Fee (details may change):

Simple electronic components such as LED’s, Breadboards, Connectors, Resistors, Buzzers etc.
Sufficient filament to print 3 small (under 3 x 3 inches) 3D printed objects per term
Cardboard & paper for construction
Small notebook per person for journalling
Solder, tape and printing ink

The Materials Fee also includes FAIR USE of the following items and equipment (details may change):

Raspberry Pi Computers & Monitors
Programming Boards, HATs and add-on’s
Programmable Robots
Tinker Tool Box (hammer, screwdrivers, soldering iron, scissors etc.)
3D Printers
Colouring pens and drawing materials
Construction sets

Various kits are also available that may be constructed and used during sessions, yet shall remain the property of The Technology Hub Ltd. These may be purchased for an additional cost to take home. Details may change. Please ask your facilitator for more information:

Google AI
e-Textile Sewing Kits

Attendees are welcome to bring along their own computer, a USB flashdrive and construction materials in support of developing their own ideas and projects. We encourage the use of recycled materials wherever possible.

Please note that The Technology Hub Ltd will strive to ensure that all software provided is Open Source, in line with current Copyright Law and is virus and malware free.

The Technology Hub Ltd and its facilitators are not responsible for the use or misuse of personal devices whilst on the premises.

Copyright and Fair Use

All artifacts created by you / your child(ren) remain their intellectual property. You agree that any artifacts created during DT Kids Academy learning programmes may be used for marketing or promotional purposes by The Technology Hub Ltd.

Please indicate below if you do NOT wish you or your child to be included in any marketing or promotional activities, including photography and videos that may be posted on the internet.

User Accounts

You / your child will be provided with or will need to create user accounts to access certain cloud services, such as software or curriculum materials provided by third parties. You may ask for more information about this at any time.

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